Is this post cheating? maybe. I’m not doing much writing. Instead, it’s an invitation for you to pack those bags and travel to one of the most iconic cities in the southeast of Mexico. Walled and fortressed against pirate attack by the Spanish, Campeche was a hexagonal shaped, compact colonial city founded in the 16th century. 250 year old initials etched into stone by bored soldiers dot the fortresses. There are moats and drawbridges and dank cells, the things of medieval fairy tales. As a port, Campeche’s importance to the peninsula, pirates and Spanish alike instigated a cross-hairs affect on this sunbaked bay. The city is gorgeously preserved, the forts and wall are open to tourists, the downtown meticulously maintained. Campeche is the home of pibipollo, queso relleno, escabeche, pan de cazón (baby shark). The smell of the sea washes over every street corner and the sultry air trickles in salty drops down your back. It is a place of fishing nets and marinas, palm coated hills, and cobbled streets lined with white door frames and brass knockers. It’s a collision of cultures. A fusion of Time. It’s Campeche.

But let’s pray for this beautiful city. As far as we know, the one thing Campeche lacks is a group of believers who gather only to the name of Jesus Christ.

There is a sister in Carmen who grew up near this capital city. Her story is one of abandonment, witches and dwarves, swimming with manatees, idolatry and poverty so extreme their coffee was water brewed with burnt tortillas.

Would to God he could give us a thousand life times to reach all these places! But one is all we get. Let us spend and be spent, exhausting our life in the pleasure of seeing souls won to the Savior.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Travel! Campeche, Campeche

  1. I love your blogs. You have a great way with words.I feel like I know what Campeche is like from just reading it.How are you all doing?Sorry I havn’t been in touch.It’s been a crazy busy year.We have travelled a lot and as I write Stephen has just gone back to Uganda for 10days.God has been good and is blessing his word in gospel and ministry.We have a lot to be thankful for x


    1. Hi!! So great to hear from you. Will be praying for you both with Stephen away. May God continue to bless all you do for Him. We are doing well, keeping up the normal activities. Glad you enjoy the posts! Sending love across the ocean xxx


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