Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you had a great time over the holidays and wish you a year ahead filled with blessings and the glory of God in your life.

Last year (in March, maybe?) we made a slight change to our family devotion time and I thought you might enjoy skimming the following list. Instead of singing a different hymn each day, we decided to sing the same one for an entire week. It gave us a chance to learn new melodies and to appreciate the words more deeply. David and I took turns choosing every Saturday, so it was, for the most part, random. We did try, however, for a variety of Spanish and English, known and unknown (at least to the children), old and new. I have included the translation of the hymn, if applicable.

  1. The Love of God is Greater Far (Oh amor de Dios, su Inmensidad)
  2. El Poder de la Cruz (The Power of the Cross) 
  3. I Need Thee Precious Savior (No ha sido traducido)
  4. Facing a Task Unfinished (Un Reto nos Aguarda)
  5. O Worship the King (Al Rey Adorad)
  6. How Many Sheep are Straying (De Ovejas Cuantas Vagan) 
  7. My Redeemer, O What Beauties (Redentor, oh qué Belleza)
  8. Glorioso Cristo (Fairest Lord Jesus, Hymns of Grace)
  9. Faint not Christian (No ha sido traducido)
  10. By Faith the Lamb of God I See (No ha sido traducido)
  11. Our Times are in Thy Hand (No ha sido traducido)
  12. His Robes for Mine (Su Manto por el mío)
  13. Alma Misionera (Not in English)
  14. Yo Quisiera Cantar sin Cesar (Not in English)
  15. Crown Him with Many Crowns (A Cristo Coronad)
  16. His Eye is on the Sparrow (Como podré estar triste)
  17. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Pon tus ojos en Cristo)
  18. Be Still my Soul (Paz, Corazón)
  19. Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer (Señor, Mi Redentor y Roca)
  20. A Mighty Fortress is our God (Castillo Fuerte es nuestro Dios)
  21. Se tú mi Visión (Be Thou my Vision)
  22. Jubilosos te Adoramos (Joyful, Joyful we Adore Thee)
  23. For the Bread and for the Wine (No ha sido traducido)
  24. O Head Once Filled with Bruises (Cabeza Ensangrentada) 
  25. Just as I am (Tal como Soy)
  26. Out of the Ivory Palaces (Ropaje espléndido, divinal)
  27. Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah (No ha sido traducido) 
  28. Love Divine all loves excelling (Solo Excelso, Amor Divino)
  29. Beneath the Cross of Jesus (Junto a la Cruz de Cristo)
  30. Grata Certeza (Blessed Assurance)
  31. Come thou Fount (Ven de Todo Bien la Fuente)
  32. Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow (Doxología) 
  33. See what a Morning (No ha sido traducido)
  34. From Greenland’s Icy Mountains (De Heladas Cordilleras) 
  35. Jesus Keep me Near the Cross (No ha sido traducido) 
  36. How Sweet and Awful is the Place (No ha sido traducido)
  37. Magnífico Maravilloso Amor (Magnificent, Marvelous, Matchless Love)
  38. I heard the Voice of Jesus Say (Oí la voz del Salvador)
  39. A Debtor to Mercy Alone (No ha sido traducido)
  40. Union With Thee—Grace of the Father before there was time (No ha sido traducido) 
  41. Nuevas Alegres para Decirles (Not in English)
  42. I Asked the Lord that I Might Grow (No ha sido traducido)
  43. Doxología (Doxology)
  44. Ante el Trono Celestial (Before the Throne of God Above)
  45. Contemplándote en la Gloria (Gazing on Thee, Lord, in Glory)
  46. Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending (No ha sido traducido)

If you have trouble finding the lyrics or melodies to any you are interested in sharing with your family, let me know and I’ll be happy to help any way I can!

Last year I didn’t do very well with regular posts, so I’m hoping to get back to posting once a week or every 15 days at least. I am also slooowly going through my old posts and translating them to Spanish. There is a new tab entitled Penélope Alves en Español where you can find those.

Thanks again for being here and please–if there is anything you’d like to hear about, let me know! We are here to serve you and the best way we can do that is knowing better what you need.

May God be your all in 2023. -P

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