Hi! I’m Penelope.

A long time ago, probably more like another life ago, I called Michigan home. Until I fell in love that is. Only two beings had the power over my heart to entice me to leave the glories of blueberry land to fly away forever to a place of monkeys and mangos.

God called.

Then a few years later, David called too.

And so I went.

We make our home in the tropical state of Campeche in Southeast Mexico. It´s our lifework to see people across the Yucatán Peninsula won to the gospel and forming New Testament churches. Our other lifework is raising our four kiddies in this strange bilingual, multicultural, countercultural environment. We also run a hen and egg farm on the side and have an insatiable habit of collecting orphaned calves.

My love language includes Earl Grey and dark chocolate. My deepest desire is to walk hand in hand with my Lord.

You can find me on Instagram. Also, check out our other site for articles in Spanish @ www.graciamasgracia.com.