It’s March and Spring is fast approaching, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. Before the southeast of Mexico hits 115 degrees, I’ll quickly share my Winter Favorites list. If you missed my Fall Favorites, you can find them here. 

  1. The Book World: I made an unwritten goal this year to step out of my comfort zone and read the works of classical authors I’ve been too nervous to try. So far this year I’ve swallowed Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers, North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and Silas Marner by George Eliot (pseudonym for Mary Ann Evans). You will probably find some book reviews here soon because I am still digesting and immensely enjoying them in my heart. These are not just stories, not just innocent entertainment for filling downtime. These are works on Theological Anthropology, studies of human psychology (the good kind), deep dives into some of the biggest questions our world grapples with. They whiplash you back from any pretentious notions of intellect and Latin you into the reality of your Midwest America ignorance.
  2. The Kitchen World: Danielle Oron’s Modern Israeli Cookbook. If you’re a hummus stuffing, cumin snorting fanatic—this is for you. 
  3. The School World: A few months ago we began a Friday tradition of Recitation where each of us reads a quote or excerpt from something we particularly enjoyed that week. It has been good for increasing confidence with public speaking and reading, learning to praise and appreciate the tastes of others but most of all, it has been a beautiful insight into their hearts.   
  4. The Poetry World: Alright, a couple things here. Longfellow. We’re reading The Courtship of Miles Standish every Wednesday and it is a highlight of our week. I mean, swords of Damascus and the Puritans in one bang. What more could you want? We are also inching through City of the Seven Hills by H Grattan Guinness as we move into the era of the Romans. This is a book I highly recommend to any believer interested in Rome’s place in the grand timeline of humanity. From its mythical beginning to the Crucifixion, the Martyrs, Reformation and the coming Great Tribulation, Guinness traces it all in heart rending, God exalting poetry.  
  5. The Music World: Hymns of Grace You Tube channel is a great place to go for simple, beautiful old fashioned hymn singing.
  6. The Fashion World: Finally got rubber boots for all four kids to use while doing their farm chores. If you’ve ever seen a two year old stomping around in hot pink rain boots, you’ll know exactly why this made the list! 
  7. The Botanical World: The kids and the neighbor boy built us an arbor out of bamboo rods to support a passage through the bugambilias off our back patio. It’s a place of magical transition to the back yard, somewhat akin to a certain wardrobe which also leads to a world outside this world, a child’s reality we adults are often too dull to understand. 
  8. The Travel World: We visited an assembly in Chiapas and while it was only a couple days, it was wonderful to see them again. We love seeing the mountains and valleys and trying new food. It was fun to show the kids the mouth of a huge canyon, home to the Grijalva River, a silver thread that binds this land with theirs as it empties into the Gulf of Mexico not far from our home.
  9. The Birthday World: As of February we now have 7 and 12 year olds. That meant ice cream with sprinkles for one and two weeks later a Pumpkin Vanilla Chai Sponge Cake Roll with Chai Buttercream Frosting and a sparkle candle for the other. Guess who!! 
  10. The Spiritual World: It’s been a year since we began our electronic magazine Bálsamo. It is a monthly joy and delight to put together. So grateful for the opportunity to serve God’s people in this way. Also, David gifted me a gorgeous Legacy Standard Bible a couple months ago. The clarity and beauty of the translation has been a continuously unfolding joy.

What have you been enjoying the last few months?

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