The waiting seemed a small price that day
For what the King had promised to repay
His faithful servant, his duty done
When homeward he his horse had spun
With jewels dancing, a gold crown hung
The great King’s beauties on his tongue
Found at the gate he once had left
A little family no more bereft

The waiting done
A Glorious welcome home

His bags unpacked, treasure droplets fall
From his hands Grand gifts for all,
Oh can it, can it be?
The Splendid King has thought of me?
Who waged no war nor brave could be
But simply said, “I’ll wait patiently here for thee?”

There is no King such as this
Whose servants’ hearts fill with bliss
The very mention of His precious name
Who God for us, man became
Who is the Giver, the All in All
Receives our gifts, so very small
And in His kind and generous way
Always will our love repay.

Atlanta, Georgia Belt Line

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