I said last post that it would be the final one of the year unless something very interesting occurred before we pop the confetti on the 31st. Well, something very interesting has occurred and I almost feel it my duty to the christian world to give them some extra context.

If you’ve looked in the news at all recently, you’ll be aware that the UN erected a new statue just over a week ago in New York City. A “Guardian for International Peace and Security”. Christian bloggers and journalists and writers are all over it. It’s been dubbed one of the strangest statues ever. An End Times Statue. A resemblance of The Beast.

All those things are perhaps true. It’s a freaky, imposing figure with disturbing similarities to the fantastic descriptions the Bible recounts in Daniel and Revelation. But there is more to it than mere resemblance and Christian hysteria.

Maybe 1500, 2,000 years ago–who really knows?–Mesoamerican empires were flourishing. Cultures replete with human sacrifice, legends and gods, pyramids and sacred rituals, their kingdoms extended over miles of desert (the Aztecs) and jungles (the Maya). From Mexico, down throughout Central America, these two distinct but similar groups reigned supreme, taking over many other smaller people groups. Amongst the gods they worshipped was the Jaguar–god of the underworld and Quetzacoatl–the creator god. Queztacoatl was a winged serpent who was part human (the serpent) and part divine (the wings). The Aztecs thrived under this god until the day he fell into temptation and sailed away into the setting sun, promising to one day return and avenge his tempter.

The UN statue was created by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, their shop in a small town just outside the capital city. I don’t find the statue strange at all. I find it instead strangely familiar.

Any airport in Mexico, any tourist destination, any gift shop is replete with carvings of jaguars, images of Quetzalcoatl, all painted (not in LGBT colors as some have suggested) in the typical bright colors and patterns of Mesoamerican culture. Any archaeological site is home to stone carvings of both these gods, unhidden for any interested adventurer. The statue seems to me a unique fusion of these two ancient dieties–a guardian made up of the underworld and the creator who will return.

The artists’ website explains clearly their motivation for this statue and indeed, an entire collection named “Nomads.” They state (and I translate): The Jacobo and María Ángeles Shop created two “Guardians” to live in New York City with the mission to accompany and protect all the Latin-American, Mexican and Oaxacan migrants that live or are soon to arrive in the United States looking for a better future for their families.”

I honestly had wondered at first why the UN would choose a Mexican artist to create their symbolic statue. Now I know. The Guardian of the Peace whose very painted and mixed patterns signify house and maze and borders, amongst others (see the artists’ website), is a UN message to the world. Borders do not matter. Home is where you choose to go through whatever maze to whatever end. Peace is found in one world. There is no border crisis except in your head.

One world governed by yes, the antichrist. The god of the underworld mixed with a false god whose the return the world is anxiously waiting for as they yearn for peace. A beast that is yes–part jaguar, part dragon (or winged serpent). Satan and his henchman whose rule is desperately wanted by this wicked world.

I’m not at all saying the statue is the coming beast. Merely this: from the ancient to the future, there is little change…Man is forever looking for peace in someone other than the Prince of Peace–the Christ who made peace through the blood of His cross.

As we end yet another year in this strange and confusing time, may we continue to look up instead of around. Why should we be surprised the UN would erect a statue like this? Why should we be disturbed? Why should we be bothered that Sweden is using chips in hands as vaccine passports?

I won’t say the Lord’s coming is getting closer. Neither will I say we are in the last years of the day of grace. Or: it sure seems it can’t be much longer!

What I will say is this: ever since the clouds received Him back to glory, His promise has been 100% in effect: I will come again.

Maybe it will be tonight.

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