My desk is a mess. It’s covered in cut out foam letters and stencils and scraps. There’s a stack of books and an even huger one behind me. File folders and spreadsheets. Leaning against the wall is a newly framed Rand McNally Map of the World, Classic Edition. I’m wondering how this is all going to go down.

But maybe I should start with the fact we are engaging in what must be a spiritual war against coronavirus. The lockdowns and restrictions have wreaked absolute HAVOC on assemblies and believers. I obviously am not going to give examples because I deeply respect and esteem the believers here. A year is a looong time to be just sort of floating.

So, we’re done. We’re regrounding this work, building it back up for the Lord´s glory.

One of the first things we had to do was give up the house we were renting in Oaxaca. The group there was basically obliterated and we feel the need to focus here in Campeche for the time being. We will make visits when possible, but Oaxaca will no longer be our main focus.

I turned 30 while we were emptying the little house Galilea came home to. In this life calling we try to fulfill, I´m actually feeling relieved. It’s a lot easier telling people looking for spiritual help that you’re 30 and 34 than 18 and 22. That was always awkward. Then they’d get sidetracked and be like, “ohh, you’re such a little darling! So young!!” then laugh a sweet grandmotherly laugh at these two little kids who came to tell them about Jesus.

So it was good. It’s given me a bit of mental confidence to plunge headfirst into our next project.

Starting a school.

Phase two of the battle bye Covid.

Schools here are still not in session. If you were here in the village with me, you’d understand better why online classes just don’t work.

A couple weeks ago, we invited six families to talk about our desire and the possibility of them sending their kids over for a few hours in the morning. We showed them books and discussed our style and what we would expect. The list at the end of the meeting had 20 names. But it didn’t stop there. As happens in a small place, word gets out.

We start our Querit learning center tomorrow morning at 9 am. I have no idea how many kids will show up. I’ve got books and a schedule and a vague hope it’ll somehow all work out. I’m not a teacher, I’m not too outgoing, I kind of just like peace and quiet. It’s incredible how God takes us and flips us inside out sometimes. Like Moses. Like Jeremiah. Paul. No? He asks. You don’t think you’re fit for this? Well guess what….you´re not but I AM and I’ve given you exactly what you need to see it through.

So I’m coming to you, begging for prayer. We’re going to need it. As with all we do, the school´s primary focus is to reach kids and their parents with the joy of the gospel.

We have also started house meetings for preaching the gospel every Wednesday and Sunday. Visiting is on regularly. Sunday school is happening again in two different places and David is on the radio Saturday mornings.

We need God to work. We need His strength and patience, to not be weary in well-doing but to sow faithfully, and look for joy in the morning.

And I think we’ve learned our lesson. We are never, ever cancelling meetings again.

Down the lane to our home

4 thoughts on “Hi I’m 30, plus Life Update

  1. Been thinking about you, praying the Lord gives you strength, courage, wisdom and confidence!!! Amazing how we can present ourselves as bright and assured, when inside we are a-quivering with insecurity -praying our way… 😂 I look forward to an update on how God made you mighty in the work you are called to do …🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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