Two years ago, we were barely surfacing from the deepest depths we have ever plumbed. It had been four years of nonstop trials, trials of the darkest sort.

It was American Thanksgiving, just like today. My mental list of thankfulness went something like this:

  • I’m alive
  • I have three kids still alive
  • We haven’t been unrighteously excommunicated (yet)
  • There are like 6 people that actually don’t hate us.
  • We haven’t been extradited from Mexico by corrupt officials
  • Our bank account is still active
  • While we’ve both lost piles of hair, at least we aren’t totally bald yet.


And then I was on social media and some woman was saying how she was thankful for a new SUV and 15 acres and a huge playset for her kids and that she didn’t have to cook the turkey.

Immediately, I reached for a pencil and notebook. It was too ironic, too penetrating to let the moment pass. While I posted this poem that year on Instagram and last year here in this corner, I’ll share it again for my newer readers. It seems appropriate yet again considering the year we have all borne (and considering the fact my poetic skills come in bursts once every four years…maybe I’ll be inspired for a new one by next Thanksgiving!!!)

The second line in the second verse is a reminder to myself. We hid much of our trials from those around us for a very long time. Not out of shame or embarrassment but out of love and protection, preventing discouragement in newer believers. You never know what sadness people are masking. Let’s strive to love each other a little more deeply, perhaps reaching delicately into those most carefully masked corners of the human heart.

Thanks again for reading along. It’s been a rough go this year. Illness, lockdown, economy, politics, hurricanes. I know. But this Thanksgiving is another wonderful opportunity to thank God that Christ is coming very soon and all our trials will finally be ended.

The greatest cryings of Thanksgiving Come not from chairs of ease, But rather, broken hearts exclaiming, “Master, do as you please!”

Those valleys dark, my soul He’s seeing The grief behind that smile. His presence, will, and grace me brighting “Master, ‘tis just awhile.”

Soon then caught up to glory flying Knees in Thy presence fall Our lips with thanks ne’er stop proclaiming “Master, the All in All!”

*For those reading in Spanish, I apologize that the rhyming verse will be completely massacred by the translator*

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