We’re traveling home, heading back to Campeche for a week. Doctor appointments, a wedding. You know, all the things.

We decided to do it in two days. Take our time, smell the roses.

Geraniums: beauties I took for granted before moving to the tropics

I’m not a crafty mom. I don’t particularly enjoy games. I’m not fun. But I do like to explore. I grew up in a family where the words “hey, let’s…!!” were spoken frequently, spontaneously, a constant gateway to fun and adventure.

The good (and dangerous) thing is that David’s even more adventurous than I. With all the traveling we have to do, pit stops are our way of bridging work and play. Pyramids, beaches, historic downtowns, ferris wheels and zoos. I don’t believe in “making up” to my kids for their parents being pioneer missionaries, but I do strongly believe in giving them a happy, well rounded childhood, full of learning and experience.

The mini explorers

We heard a few weeks ago about a development in the state of Tlaxcala, so we decided to stop in yesterday on our way across the highlands. It has been designed architecturally to mimic Tuscany, Italy. It worked out great as the kids have been studying the Renaissance, which of course focuses a lot on Florence.

Probably my favorite spot

Mexico is a beautiful place, far beyond her pearly beaches and turquoise waters. Like, I’m not a travel agent but if I was, I’d book your next trip for you to Puebla/Tlaxcala.

Val’Quirico, Tlaxcala

We just passed into the state of Tabasco to a loud chorus of “wahooos!!!” from the back seat. We might have stayed for over a month in arid Oaxaca and we’ll be going back very soon, but these three Carmelitas are sweaty Campechanos to the core.

So many beautiful doors!!

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