Sweet release. That’s writing for me.

It’s a world of freedom, a world of mental liberation. Those faint blue lines have seen it all. From tears and a bleeding heart, to ranting and frustration, to penitence and poems of hope.

And that’s why I’m here.

Not for this to be the proverbial garbage can of an angry human.

Rather, I am here to pour out from my soul to yours the hope and joy that is found in a life hid in Christ.

Cathedral door in San Cristobal, Chiapas

We live in Southeast Mexico, in the obscure state of Campeche. I hope to be able to share some wonderful stories about the very special people here. Their beautiful voices deserve to be heard.

It is also my desire to share tidbits that have given me hope and peace. Life has not always been beautiful but there is always beauty to be found if we can only look up to the One who is the Creator of all things, who has kindly chosen to love each of us, who fills each and every day with His grace and splendor.

My prayer and simple hope is that this little project will be a blessing to you.

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