The Vineyard

Join me on a quick tour around the South of Mexico. You will find:

  • A few pictures of each place we work in the gospel
  • A general map to follow along
  • Related blog posts linked for further information

Ciudad del Carmen, Isla de tris, Campeche

Meeting place
Baptisms in Gulf
Ten year anniversary of assembly fellowship
  • Work began in 2007, assembly established in 2008
  • The believers have been on their own for about five years
  • Up until now, I’ve written fairly little about this assembly on the blog but there is a bit in the post These Ten Years

Emiliano Zapata, Campeche

House meeting
Meeting place
House meeting

Santa Rita, Campeche

Meeting place
Ernesto and Delfina
Inside meeting place
  • Work began in 1997 by Ernesto Verdugo and wife Delfina
  • They live and labor in this small town, we help when possible
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Paraíso, Yucatán

Group after a meeting

Wedding of young couple
Typical home in village
  • Work began around 2009
  • Eduardo accepted Christ in Canada and began to share the gospel in his hometown
  • We simply help as we are able (similar to Santa Rita)
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Cancún, Quintana Roo

First Baptisms
Gospel Tent, 2012
Initial Group
  • Work began in a home in 2010
  • Erected a tent in 2012, a group consolidated
  • Another couple took over the work in 2014, saw assembly established

Nicolás Bravo, Quintana Roo

Brother S giving a message before baptisms
After baptisms
Meeting place
  • This work began through a family in Cancún
  • We meet in a house when there is an opportunity to visit
  • There are no men here permanently, so unfortunately meetings and work are sparse

Magdalena Apasco, Oaxaca

Brother who initially contacted David
House where we meet

Thank you for your interest and prayers!